Fast and secure online forms for parents, schools
and staff

"We replace paper forms in schools"

Save Time. Save Money. Reduce Risk.

Send forms to parents,
and track and report the submissions

Broadcast messages
and alerts to parents
via email and SMS

Manage staff forms
like leave applications
and PD requests

Any Form

Unlimited form templates with approval workflows

Any Data

Capture whatever information
you need

Easy to Use

Distribute forms to parents
quickly and easily

Email & SMS

Send notifications via
email and SMS text

is Fast

Staff can create and send online forms to 10 parents or 5,000 parents in a matter of minutes. The online forms means the workload for class teachers is massively reduced. Our statistics show close to 60% of parents return their online forms within 24 hours.

is Secure

Forms data is stored indefinitely in a highly secure Microsoft Azure data centre. Any form can be retrieved in seconds, no matter how long ago it was submitted.

Reduces Risk

Online forms provide a robust data capture mechanism to ensure the correct information is submitted. There’s no chance for a form to be ‘lost’; automatic reminders prompt parents to return their forms on time.

is Integrated

ParentPaperwork can integrate to your school management database to avoid double entry of data. Information from returned forms can easily be exported for analysis, distribution or use in other software.
"Paper tickets for parents to sign and respond to have been eliminated for the first time in KIPP’s history. 21 years of copying paper, passing them out, explaining them to the KIPPsters, waiting for the hopeful return to school, hunting down missing signatures—all of it now evolved into a professionally crafted email where parents can instantly respond through the email that takes them to an online form. Parents often reply and view the content before their child has even returned home."
KIPP Academy, Houston