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About ParentPaperwork

  • Have you given your teachers every resource they require to maximise their time with students?
  • Are your school practices getting in the way of your ideal relationship with parents?
  • Can you be sure you can locate and validate a parent permission form from 3 years ago for an impending court case?

Paper is broken

Paper processes are expensive, inefficient, laborious, unreliable and a huge cost to the environment.

Paper in schools means:

  • lost forms
  • incomplete and illegible forms
  • unverified signatures
  • staff, students and parents continually filling and refilling the same answers to the same questions
  • maintaining stocks of printed blank forms
  • exorbitant photocopying costs
  • ensuring efficient distribution of forms
  • hassling students for unreturned forms
  • manually collating information for analysis
  • maintaining secure storage of forms for legal compliance

the list just goes on..

ParentPaperwork is …

a Melbourne based technology company that has created a school specific platform for taking schools paperless.

We help educational organisations of all sizes to improve productivity and efficiency, and make managing forms remarkably quick and easy for staff, students and parents alike.

ParentPaperwork brings school paperwork into the modern enterprise world and empowers a better exchange of school and student information digitally using the cloud.

We started by solving school permissions form and have grown to handle every single form in schools for parents, students and staff.; from signing up prospective parents to the exit survey and every form in between. Our newly developed data analytics dashboard provides insights that enable enhanced decision making capability, real-time analytics to make better decisions.

As a smarter data capture, management, reporting and analytics platform, ParentPaperwork is an essential step in a smart school.

ParentPaperwork Benefits ...

  • Ensure compliance (100% of data is stored indefinitely; searchable by student, activity, date etc and easily retrieved)
  • Enable teachers to focus on students (saving 90% of staff time compared to a paper solution)
  • Give greater financial efficiency (saving at least $10 per student per year)
  • Saving of resources (paper, ink, postage etc)
  • Provide positive & effective engagement with parents (70% of parents reply within 24 hours)

Our mission is to replace paper forms in schools around the world.

Download a PDF brochure you can print or email to your school to introduce them to ParentPaperwork.

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