Fast and secure online forms for parents, students, schools
and staff

ParentPaperwork Features

ParentPaperwork is Fast

  • Staff can create and send online forms to 10 or 5000 parents in a matter of minutes.
  • Our statistics show 70% of parents return their online form within 24 hours
  • Moving forms online means the workload of class teachers is massively reduced

ParentPaperwork is Efficient

  • Fully customisable form templates and workflows save time and energy, also allowing us to meet and reflect your specific school processes
  • Automatic reminders prompt the return of forms to meet your deadlines
  • Staff can use current passwords with Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 for single sign-on to ParentPaperwork

ParentPaperwork is Your Risk Mitigator

  • We provide a robust data capture and storage mechanism to ensure the correct information is submitted, maintained
  • There is no chance for a form to be incomplete or lost
  • Any form can be retrieved in seconds no matter how long ago it was submitted

ParentPaperwork is Secure

  • Data is stored indefinitely in a highly secure Microsoft Azure data centre.

ParentPaperwork is Easy to Deploy

  • You do not require extra resources, staff time or a change management plan!

ParentPaperwork is Easy to Use

  • Our product from end to end is developed with the user experience at the forefront
  • We ensure all communication is personalised

ParentPaperwork integrates

  • ParentPaperwork enables interoperability within your schools IT ecosystem
  • ParentPaperwork reads data from many popular student information systems
  • This removes double handling data - minimising errors and ensuring the most up to date data is in use
  • Integrated with products such as Schoolbox LMS and Digistorm schoolAPP

ParentPaperwork supports you

  • We provide phone, email and online support.
  • This is free, prompt and unlimited!
  • Specific training packages can be especially designed for your school

ParentPaperwork Benefits

  • Ensure compliance (100% of data is stored indefinitely; searchable by student, activity, date-etc. and easily retrieved)
  • Enable teachers to focus on students (saving 90% of staff time compared to a paper solution)
  • Give greater financial efficiency (saving $10+ per student per year)
  • Saving of resources (paper, ink, postage etc)
  • Provide positive & effective engagement with parents (70% of parents reply within 24 hours)

Download a PDF brochure you can print or email to your school to introduce them to ParentPaperwork.

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