Integrate to school management systems

Data Integrations

The ParentPaperwork platform has expressly been designed to offer integration opportunities to other software such as school/parent portals.

We can connect to the Student and Parent data in your school management system, so it is automatically updated in ParentPaperwork on a regular basis, avoiding the need to manually import and export data.

GroupCall XPorter - SIMS and SEEMiS

Xporter SIMS

ParentPaperwork uses GroupCall's XPorter system to automate the update of data from your SIMS or CMIS school management database to ParentPaperwork. Each night Xporter sends us your current parent and student contacts, so any changes you've made in SIMS or CMIS are automatically transferred to ParentPaperwork.



ParentPaperwork can interface to the Denbigh School Management System, automatically pulling updated parent and student data, plus cocurricular activity information.

SQL Server

If your school management system is based on Microsoft SQL Server, then we can work with your IT team to set up a regular update schedule. School management systems that use SQL Server include:

We've also worked with eMinerva, Skyward, Tyler, KAMAR and others.

The Timetabler

The Timetabler

The Timetabler is the most powerful and flexible school timetabling software package around. It has a dedicated export function to create a data file for import into ParentPaperwork.


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