Parent Slips module

Parent Slips module

The Parent Slips Module replaces all the paper forms your school exchanges with parents. The obvious use cases are forms such as permissions for excursions and field trips, but because you can create any form you like, the possibilities are endless – RSVPs, photo consents, calls for volunteers; sports activities.

You can capture a considerable amount of information from each parent, and easily export the compiled results to a spreadsheet.

The Parent Slips module is complemented by the School Forms module which encompasses a wide range of forms within your school.

Using Parent Slips is simple

The system does not require parents to download any apps, nor register. ParentPaperwork is a cloud-based system and everything runs via email, SMS and web browser pages.

No more…

  • Photocopying forms and giving them out in class
  • Scruffy pieces of paper languishing in the bottom of school bags
  • Wasting time figuring out which parents have returned their slips
  • Hassling parents to return their slips

Flat cost, no volume charges

ParentPaperwork is billed as an annual subscription, on a tiered price schedule according to the number of students at your school. There are no additional volume or usage charges other than for SMS costs.

Parent Slips is perfect for…

  • Excursions
  • School camps
  • Questionnaires
  • Sports activities
  • Music classes
  • In-school and extra-curricula activities
  • ICT policy acceptance
  • Medical forms
  • Photo and student image approvals
  • Head lice inspections
  • Walking to the local surrounding areas approval

In fact, anytime you need a group of parents to complete a form on behalf of their children.

User-defined Form Templates

The Form Templates in ParentPaperwork are fully customisable via the Form Builder feature. You can modify an existing template, or create your own, selecting the information fields you need.

Real time reporting

Track and monitor parent responses in real time, including confirmation of email delivery. On the day of your activity, you can print a report of attendees along with any special student notes.

Parent Broadcast

The Broadcast feature allows you to send email and SMS messages to groups of Parents without requiring a response from them.  Great for distributing newsletters, alerts and other messages direct to parents.

Download a PDF brochure you can print or email to your school to introduce them to ParentPaperwork.

Download a brochure
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