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Groupcall Messenger is the system of choice for over 5,000 Primary and Secondary schools within the UK and Europe. ParentPaperwork’s sophisticated platform is deeply integrated into Messenger, meaning a single login gives access to all of the features of both Messenger and ParentPaperwork within one seamless interface.

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Australian Boarding School Association

The Australian Boarding Schools’ Association (ABSA), as the leading authority in Australia on boarding for school-aged children, promotes the interests and well-being of boarders, boarding staff, boarding parents and boarding institutions in Australia.

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Digistorm is a software developer, introducing innovative technologies and new applications to schools within the education industry. With a wide range of products, services, support and custom projects, Digistorm is the leading provider of mobile applications, online enrolment portals and websites to educational institutions around Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Digistorm's app integration with Parent Paperwork gives parents the ability to send relevant permission slips and forms to parents, directly through their app, with the objective of making school communications simpler, and ensure that they’re all in one place for app users.

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Schoolbox is a virtual learning environment (VLE) for K–12 schools. It’s a unique all-in-one learning management system (LMS), portal and intranet. Schoolbox is self or cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure. Share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox.

Parents can access their ParentPaperwork forms history, and complete outstanding forms, inside Schoolbox.

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