School Forms module

School Forms module

The School Forms Module expands the Parent Slips module to encompass a wide range of forms within your school.

The forms can be created by staff, parents and even prospective parents; they can relate to a student, or be purely administrative. Forms can move through approval workflows, and notifications to relevant staff and parents can be automatically triggered during the workflow process.

Forms for Students

Staff can initiate a form for one or more students, enter information and then optionally send to parents for additional information or acknowledgement. Perfect for incident reports; disciplinary reports; and many more.

Forms for Parents

Parents can create new forms to send to school, for their current students or a new child. Great examples are Leave of Absence requests; and advising of issues for discussion during forthcoming parent/teacher meetings.

Forms for Prospective Parents

All the School Forms templates have unique URLs you can pass onto people outside the school. When clicked the visitor can create a new parent log in, a student record and complete and submit the form. Ideal for registrations of interest for a place; enrolment information and more.

Existing Parents Sign In

Existing parents can sign in and view a complete history of all forms for their children; be alerted to outstanding forms; and start new forms.

Export to PDF Files

Data from School Forms can be exported to PDF files and downloaded after uploading a PDF template and mapping the form fields. This is a great feature if your governing body or authority requires some forms to be provided on their official templates, yet you want the convenience of online data capture.

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