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Customer Testimonials

"A short note of thanks to recognise the wonderful work you and the team are doing to ensure Parent Paperwork is being effectively rolled out. You and the team are so professional, supportive and keen to assist – and follow up within a matter of days with a tailored solution. The desire to meet our needs and modify where required is so refreshingly surprising and appreciated. I am grateful for the extra yards you and the team go to. You have a great product."
Radford College, ACT
"Our parents love the immediacy of parentpaperwork and we now average between 95% and 97% response rate within a week of sending out a notice. The last few stragglers will be because they haven’t updated their email address with the school or they are away on a family holiday. Lost paperwork is almost unheard of now, but if a parent has accidentally deleted a slip it is very simple to resend it."
Burnside Primary, SA
"We've recently started using ParentPaperwork and absolutely love the program and the savings in staff time. Feedback from parents is that this is so easy to use being able to respond at the touch of a button."
Oakleigh Grammar, Melbourne
"Paper tickets for parents to sign and respond to have been eliminated for the first time in KIPP’s history. 21 years of copying paper, passing them out, explaining them to the KIPPsters, waiting for the hopeful return to school, hunting down missing signatures—all of it now evolved into a professionally crafted email where parents can instantly respond through the email that takes them to an online form. Parents often reply and view the content before their child has even returned home."
KIPP Academy, Houston
"It was clear to us as soon as we commenced the 30 day trial that PARENTPAPERWORK was going to be a big time saver for staff. What we hadn't expected was the time this would also save our busy families! They are so grateful!!"
Albert Park Kindergarten – Melbourne, Australia
"The response rate is brilliant! Some parents have personally commented on how much they like the system now."
Sirius College – Melbourne, Australia
"We save a huge amount of time and do not have to experience the hassle of printing, distributing and collecting notices."
Sirius College – Melbourne, Australia
"Teachers have enjoyed not needing to collate all responses and then cross-reference against class rolls. The reminder notification emails is also very much appreciated. No need to identify and then copy and paste the parent emails of those who haven’t responded. Simply push the reminder link and all is automatically organised."
Canberra Girls Grammar School – Canberra, Australia
"The more I use this system, the more I love it. I love the new broadcasting option too."
St Columba's College, Melbourne

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